La Casa Rokzoica

We are now close to a school. We picked out the place a while ago when we were doing some searching for solar panels. Google Earth hasn’t updated in a while, but the last update has the information we need. The school had been given a grant to start some green initiatives. While recycling doesn’t help us much now, there are solar panels on nearly every building. It makes it a good place to set up in the event that the power ever turns off, which seems inevitable. There’s also a greenhouse and a field. Let me explain. While the field is currently rocky and barren (some grass), it has the potential to be much more. With a little effort, Zoic and I can return to this country’s frontier farming roots. Neither one of us knows anything about farming, but we figure it won’t take us that long to learn, and we need to think about what to do when the food runs out anyhow. So it’s a project that will take some time. We’ll give you those updates as they happen.


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