Cleaning Out the School

The school was empty when the infection hit. That was good news. Otherwise, we’d be clearing out undead children, which is horrible. Even when they’re trying to eat your face off, you want to help them find their mommy. There were one or two serious threats. We dealt with them quickly. I’m not sure if they were groundskeepers, or if they wandered on the lot, but there were only a handful. Fortunately for us, the area is walled off, and we only need to patch a few spots. We did some test digging. It’s gonna take a while, for sure. We’ll need to get to the hardware store soon for all of the necessary pieces. We’ve considered burning the infected on the field. It might be too much work, and I’m not sure that would help the terroir of the produce. And we’d know what we were eating. There is something to be said for being economical and survival-minded, but we have to make sure we don’t go crazy, also. I think that’s almost more important. What difference does it make if I survive if I’m too crazy to rebuild things. Zoic is useful for keeping me in check that way, because I’m not sure what I would do if left by myself for too long. I know what I was doing before, and I’m probably better off now.

The school was haunting in the way that it had basically not been touched. The kids were on break, the teachers were home with their families, the place was recently cleaned. No one tried to hole up there either, which seems odd. I guess I would hate being stuck in an elementary school, too. That’s why we don’t spend much time inside. There wasn’t much to salvage. The cafeteria had some good cooking stuff, and big cans of food. Also, some stuff that had gone off, which we put in our new composter. And by composter, I mean pile in the corner. The groundskeeper’s shed had some good stuff for farming, and the classroom next to the greenhouse had some seeds, but we’d need more. As for the greenhouse itself, it was small and not much use except for educational purposes. It was mostly overgrown by now, and not with edible stuff, but we were able to get some fresh tomatoes, which was nice. Hadn’t had those in a while. Tomorrow, we start the hard work, I think. I guess it’s all hard. We’re planning on painting a mural on the walls, and pretty much everywhere else.


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