Rok and I have given up on trying to maintain a normal schedule. Well, that’s a lie, we didn’t try, but we stopped feeling guilty about abdicating any ideas about “early to bed early to rise”. Those healthy, wealthy and wise guys are eaten, dead and decapitated. That was the best third word I could think of. There aren’t a lot of words to describe most of humanity, besides fucked. Which might be most accurate. We’ve taken to falling asleep around five after using the dawn light for a brief check for lawn zombies, now part of my bed-time routine, and waking up around two. This seems to be the optimal schedule for the summer. There’s no reason to be up early because it’s too hot to leave the house anyway. There are no stores to get to before they close. We’ve been doing errands in the early evening. At night, the streetlights still come on, and a lot of the buildings still have electricity so the city actually looks more alive when you can’t see what’s shuffling at the bottom. It’s comforting to fall asleep with a bit of sunlight. It feels less like going to sleep in a horror movie and more like being a college student avoiding real life.