The Beginning

The world ended sometime between December 31st, 2011 and January 2nd, 2012. While the infection, or whatever this is, seemed to start the night of New Year’s, some people still showed up for work on the first, and things probably weren’t apocalyptic until the second. It’s odd seeing undead party-goers, and also store clerks. For a portion of the population, that Saturday night must have been a quiet one, so quiet that they didn’t even realized that things were headed downhill fast.
This is a blog, but for whatever reason, I feel inclined to mention that we probably won’t talk about everything. The painful, the boring, etc. There’s plenty of that. And I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to any of you out there to keep track of every little thing we do. I’ll try to stick to the interesting stuff. You might be crying out, “I want to know more about x!” If I find y more interesting, that’s what you get. And if you want x, you should ask for it. But also, please, give us your address and the most convenient route to get to you. I swear we don’t bite.
There are things we try to do every day, like checking radio signals and other parts of the Internet. There hasn’t been anything but static and a few stray Credence songs on the radio. It’s funny, I still don’t like CCR. Much of the Internet is downright mangled. Social networking is a big one. Any of the good places to try and communicate are gone. Not really sure what happened there.
There’s really no indication that anyone anywhere is alive but us. I hope that changes. I hope there are others.

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