As one of the few surviving human beings, I feel somewhat responsible for the way the world turns out once this mess is over. Let me begin my campaign for elected supreme dictator here. I think it it important for our society to resemble that which is most acceptable to the Aliens when they undoubtedly visit.
In Roktopia, there will be no clothes. At least, not always. Everyone will be free and equal under the sun. Sex won’t be dirty anymore. I don’t care if I’m puritan descended, the future generations won’t have to be. Meditation and yoga will be the only cultural requirements. All of that macho shit is gone, too. Men who compete excessively with one another will be deemed legally assholes, and reproduction will be withheld from them. I’m planning the future of evolution here.
There will be so many holidays in Roktopia, you will never have to work. I mean, work will be done, but there will be plenty of celebrations. One thing I always hated about Phoenix was the lack of any real cultural events that everyone took part in. We had celebrations, but usually the only people in attendance were the unwashed residents of the artist housing. And hipsters.
We will prepare for war, but never seek it. It is unreasonable to think that there won’t be other groups that are more aggressive, and they will want to attack us. We have to be prepared to defend ourselves. We practice peace, not weakness.
We will believe in science. It’s time to start living in the future. We will also have good food to eat, none of that processed bullshit.
Roktopia, obviously, will only work with a small number of people, but I believe if that small number of people has the right mindset, then the future generations will make a better set of rules with that same mindset.
There will be tons of sex. Like, gobs of sex. Just, a lot of sex. Like, a lot.


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