A Depressed Rok Gathers Moss

Rok and I are both prone to unexplainable bouts of melancholy. Well, not exactly unexplainable. Watching the undead bump into each other from gaps in boarded windows can do that, I guess.
But recently, Rok’s been in a particularly unforgiving slump. The odd part about it is how little I see him. Despite the fact that we can get sick of each other, there aren’t many options for company. When you’re bitchy, it’s good to have someone to be a bitch to. Rok’s been pretty consistent with that until recently. So I’m hatching a small adventure plan to cheer him up. Rok has a key to a safety deposit box he keeps on his old keys. I threw all of my keys away except for the ones to whichever vehicles we’re using at the time, but Rok keeps a few he think may be useful. He said he hasn’t had a chance to access the box since the infection started. I’m going to get all my toys together, and we’re going to stage a bank heist. The place should still be occupied, and we can shoot the shit out of some zombies in balaclavas. We’ll be wearing the balaclavas, not the zombies, that would be weird. I’m going to load all my stuff in the truck, and then I’m going to blindfold him and take him as my hostage. He’ll have to help me rob the bank or else. Gr. He’s left his laptop out of his misery cave, so I’m going to usurp it for the night, so he won’t learn of my double life as a hardened criminal!

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