Driving used to be a lot different. Like, a lot. I mean, traffic doesn’t exist anymore, which, as you might guess, is quite liberating. Speed limits also don’t matter. The only speed limit is the speed at which you feel comfortable impacting the dead, which is getting higher and higher as the days go on. If a car gets too badly banged up, we can always grab another. Our hot wiring skills are improving. Of course, there’s really no hospital in the apocalypse, so it’s on us to stay safe and healthy, and we do. Mostly.
The amount of undead cluttering the streets is getting a bit out of hand. The smell is getting really bad. Luckily for us, they tend to clump up when they die, which makes them easier to burn, but the ash piles are still no fun to run over. So, I guess, really, we drive at a reasonable pace.

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