We’re Gonna Have a ZV Party Tonight

Zoic and I rushed to finish our farming chores today. Now it’s night time and we’re about to make some popcorn and watch the evening ZV report. We placed a number of objects on the ground that the infected will have a hard time not tripping over. Is it cheating? Perhaps. But when has reality ever really been portrayed on television?
Earlier, Zoic had a brainwave. The security cameras run off of wired electricity, which we’ve been stealing from all of the neighbor’s houses where the cameras are. She’s been messing around with some batteries that we’ve been handling for the solar stuff and she’s trying to get a camera to run off of a battery. She says that the battery would be quite large, and it would only get us a couple of days, but it might just get us some really valuable entertainment if it works the way we want it to. We’ll get back to you on that one.

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