Scottsdale is as big and unwieldy as Phoenix in most ways. It tapers off to the north in wealthy, deserty subdivisions, but it is much more dense in the south and west, where it borders Phoenix. To say that we drove through it really isn’t specific enough. We started in Old Town, which is where the kitschy Indian art trade really flourishes. We saw some interesting New-Agey undead (there’s probably a joke there, but I’m not thinking of it), and then we immediately started planning a trip to Sedona. (Do the undead behave any differently that close to a vortex?) Mostly, there were a lot of party-goers outside of all of the bars in the area, of which there are many. Then we drove North. We went through the wealthier areas that are surprisingly well known outside of the state. We drove by the malls and residential areas. Truly, it wasn’t that exciting. The bars had some interesting crowds outside of them, but not much else.


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