The Sleepers

The virus seems to affect everyone differently. I’ve mentioned briefly how some people who turned maintained a degree of brain function after death. Some were faster and other slower, though the faster ones seem to have burned out and moved the excitement level of the apocalypse from yellow to green. Others never really turned. They shut off, and never turned back on again. These are some of the most mysterious findings. It also brings into question how the infection is spread, if it is indeed an infection. Some people just froze. Their homes remain an example of how life used to be lived. The reanimated dead seem to ignore them and leave their things alone. Zoic and I once found an entire family, motionless for weeks, sitting at their dinner table. It’s odd how the infection seems to have preserved their bodies. What should be a month or more of decomposition seems like nothing has phased them at all. We keep an eye on them, just to make sure they don’t decide to get up. They seem pretty dead, though.

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