Cobra Commander

Zoic and I got a bit restless and decided to go for a ride. We went North East to some of the ritzier car dealerships, and that’s when I saw it. I’ve never really been a huge car person. I know a fair deal, I’ve watched some top gear, played racing games, but I’m not always up to speed. But this, this is my favorite car. The one I always wanted to own. The blue one, with the curves just right. I don’t believe a more beautiful car has ever been made. Of course, I’m talking about the AC Cobra. Also manufactured under the Shelby name. To be honest, I don’t know if it was a kit or an original, and I wouldn’t know what to look for, and I really don’t care one way or the other.

It was behind a large glass window with several other older cars that I completely ignored. Zoic looks around a bit more. She’s a much bigger fan of cars. Almost everyone in the building had died suddenly and without a fight. And they were still there, just as they were before. One of them was behind the wheel of the cobra. Not a bad place to die, if you ask me. I politely escorted him from the seat to the floor and sat in his seat. It was somehow completely different from what I had imagined, but perfect in every way. The panelling was beautiful, the wheel was perfect in my hands. The seat was mostly comfortable, but comfort is not my concern. The pedals were the perfect weight under my feet. Manual transmission. I always told myself I would learn. I didn’t imagine it would have to be right now. To think of destroying such a car’s transmission.

Across the way, I heard Zoic fire up an engine. It was in some old red convertible. I couldn’t be bothered to look at it closely, but I was inspired to revive the beast beneath me. I looked to the ignition, but there was no key. I opened the door and checked the body on the floor, but he had no key.

I found a door leading to a back office. I probably should have asked Zoic to accompany me, but I was determined, and when I get determined, I get short sighted. It worked out well anyway. Everyone in the building had frozen in their tracks long ago. It’s odd how the whole building was hit that way, but it seems to be the case when this happens. Either they all react the same way, or the other just wander off. They’ll feed on each other before touching these guys. Probably something in that.

I found a key rack. There’s always one, right? I looked through all of the keys. No cobra. I really didn’t want to hot wire this car. It deserved better. On my way out, I kicked something metal. I looked down. They were nondescript keys. I picked them up and went back to the car, hoping. I sat down. I put the key in. It fit. I turned the key. It turned. But the engine didn’t. It tried really hard, but it was no good. Zoic had moved to another car already, but she noticed my disappointment and came over.

“We’ll find another one,” she said.


“You wanna go?”



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