Audience of One

When the world was alive, I would sometimes pretend that I was the only person in the world. I’ve never been really good with other people. Zoic and I get along because she wasn’t either. Pretending that no one else was around lifted a pressure I could never really explain.

Zoic’s been working on this Music of the Apocalypse list and it’s got me thinking. I used to take walks and listen to music and pretend like I was the only one listening to that song, like it made me feel special or something. I would get a bit upset when I found that other people liked what I did as much as I did, like it was some violation of the world I had created where I was the sole appreciator. I’ve listened to some of the songs that Zoic picked out, and looked through a few of my own (we’ve got quite an iPod collection these days). I realized the other day, as I listened to some Peter Gabriel that I might, for once, be the only person listening to it at that moment. I didn’t like that either.

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